Server Support

If your servers may not require the end customer-support, whereas your mission-critical applications and workloads need experts, then let engineers from Support lobby architect and provide a outsourced server support for you. From server architecture designing to provisioning, monitoring and support, we have the options and expertise to create a best-fit solution.


Server Support

Our Server monitoring service team proactively monitor and resolves the issues even before it is flagged by your customers.We bet on proactive monitoring, which is to jump in and resolve the issues even before it is flagged by your customer. It is with this kind of efficiency that you can maintain your infrastructure resiliency and provide a stable hosting experience for your customers, providing them with that one valuable number, Service Uptime. Service interruptions stepping out from unplanned downtime will take a critical hit for your hosting business, and not to mention the extra effort and time to be put in to calm your customers via tickets or chats. Hence the whole Infrastructure monitoring is a crucial aspect for your hosting business, and if you have a fleet of hosting services offered, you will definitely need a robust and efficient monitoring system in place.

Architecture design

Expert Support





Preventing Data Loss

One practical problem while practising backup is you need to stop work for such operation to take place. Often, this is not possible. The issue is often compounded by increasing data size, such as your ever-growing mailbox. Every backup operation could become a real pain if you have a busy schedule.